Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Things I'm insecure about:

Numero Uno: Spitting on people, especially someone who is my friend!

Let me tell you about the number of times I have exchanged any type of bodily fluids with anyone:
  1. I kissed this guy in Denmark in the 7th grade who tricked me by betting two girls he could get me to kiss him behind the theater curtain. I kissed him... two girls jumped out behind a box out, giggling.
  2. Marrying Manuel.  I'm serious.
So, not to mention how bad I feel spitting on poor Jag. I'm normally a pretty nice person and can't believe how mean I must act to him. I can't believe he's okay with this.  This reminds me of when I had to spout all those anti-Semitic remarks to him in Merchant and would always feel utterly crappy about myself afterwards. Jag's response to me: "You have restored my faith in humanity."

Numero Dos: Being expected to look attractive. Especially with my mouth open. Hahaha! Yeah.

The other insecurities can't be listed here because they will reveal too much of the plot.  ;-)

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