Monday, May 16, 2011

Today I learned...

Today I learned why actors have lower incidence of Alzheimer's.

Rehearsals make my brain hurt; I can only assume this is because of how many areas are being accessed at once.

There is so much involved in rehearsal. Basically it's simultaneously:
1) Recalling memorized lines
2) ...while at the same time trying to convey appropriate emotion
3) ... trying to remember where to stand
4) ... and add to all of that: Trying to produce a consistent accent

OUCH!!!  I think every area of my brain is lit up at once.

Here... memorize this with an accent and move to a table while reciting it:
I em pratty suure zis iss mye brein:

I am in no way complaining... rehearsals are my absolute favorite thing in the world. Learning and challenging myself makes me so. very. happy.

And being happy has only attracted even more amazing things into my life.

By the way, I found a photo of my "odd" work ensemble I mentioned a few posts back:

The two kids on the left really are nerds. I am so in awe of them!!!  
...Do you think I am I trying too hard?

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